The sustainability of cold atmospheric pressure plasma

Nadir plasma technology makes it possible replacing many processes which today take place via wet chemistry with treatments in the gas phase which do not have residues and which do not produce liquid waste to be disposed of.

The gas used by Nadir is in fact argon, an inert gas capable of generating an efficient plasma even with only 30 Watts of power.

Nadir technology is used in adhesion and bonding processes, making it possible to eliminate the use of solvent-based primers and replace it with surface treatments capable of depositing thin films that act as a bridge between the materials of interest, eliminating the consequent VOC emissions in the atmosphere.

Additionally, where the use of solvent-based primers has been replaced by the use of water-based primers, often resulting in a loss of desired performance, plasma is employed to improve the wettability and adhgesion of the new primer.

The sustainability of innovative polymers

The deep knowledge of the world of plastic materials and the constant attention to innovations of Nadir personnel allows us to offer our customers the latest developments in the field of bio-based polymers), biodegradable polymers and polymers with advanced functions, modified with eco-friendly materials.

As an example, the Greenpolyohm(™) material, developed by Nadir, is an antistatic-dissipative elastomeric compound with a high content of carbonaceous filler obtained from renewable sources. Similarly, Nadir proposes the development of thermoplastic compounds produced from biomass suitably formulated to facilitate their use in replacement of the traditional polymers from fossil sources used by our customers.

We are constantly engaged in collaborative research and development projects with the major European players in the sector. Thanks to the results of the CO2SMOS project, for example, we could propose a new material obtained starting from the recovery of biogenic CO2.