Active polymeric compounds

Mixing thermoplastic polymers with high performance additives and fillers we produce innovative plastic compounds that exhibit advanced properties. Nadir is focused in research, development and production of active polymeric compounds based either on proprietary or customers recipe.

Polymeric blends with antimicrobic, electroconductive, piezoelectric, radiopaque and osteoinductive properties, are only some examples of thermoplastic materials developed and produced by Nadir that has long experience in manufacturing plastic compounds based on the most common polymers (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PET, PBT, POM, PC, TPU, TPE) including biobased polymers (PLA, PHA, PHB).

Polymeric compounds production is carried-out by Melt Compounding in an extrusion plant provided with feeders to accurately dose plastic pellets, powders and fibres. The most important part of the plant is the twin-screw extruder equipped with modular screw that represent the state-of-art on industrial plastic compound production.

Easy screw profile adjustment and feeder to dose minimal quantity of materials make this extrusion plant the ideal equipment to develop new materials or to manufacture small plastic lots. Products could be supplied as pellets and micro-pellets or calibrated filament for 3D printing (FFF).

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What are the advantages?

Advanced materials

Experience in manufacturing of biobased, biodegradable and bioreasorbable materials containing advanced additives and fillers like graphene, reduced graphene oxide, nano-hydroxyapatite, layered silicate and cellulose fibers.

Flexible Approach

Broad customer support, from recipe definition and raw materials procurement to small lots (100 g – 10 kg) production of thermoplastic compounds.

Innovation management

Thanks to the twenty-year experience in development and industrialization of technical polymer compounds, we are able to support customers in project aimed at product and process innovation.

What are the applications?

3D Printing

Nadir develops active polymeric compounds for 3D printing and bioprinting supplied as calibrated filament or micro-pellets. Advanced functional materials are produced mixing different type of polymers, additive and fillers in order to fine-tune electrical, piezoelectrical, radiopacity and osteoinductive properties. 

Production is carried-out by Melt Blending in an extrusion plant particularly suitable to development of new materials and small lots production.


Production of polymeric compounds with antimicrobial, radiopaque and osteoinduction characteristics . The polymers of interest are modified with active additives obtaining plastic compounds suitable for injection moulding,3D printing or other transformation technology. 

These materials are then adequate to production of tools and device for biomedical field.

Advanced materials for wearable devices


Production of thermoplastic materials having on-demand properties (e.g. electro-conductive, piezoelectric, thermo-conductive) suitable for a wide range of technical applications.

Production of polymeric compounds modified using hydrophobic and/or oleophobic additives with the aims to fine-tune the surface properties and make possible the realization of self-cleaning or easy-to-clean materials.

Advanced materials for wearable devices

Academic research

Production of small lots of polymeric compounds for R&D project focused on macromolecular materials. Nadir has several collaborations with public and private research centres looking for a partner capable of supplying special and innovative polymeric compounds even working with  polymers or additives developed by the customer.


Bioreasorbable materials
Compound based on PLA, PCL, PHA e PEOT-PBT and containing bioactive agents like hydroxyapatite (HA), tricalcium phosphate (TCP), reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and intercalated layered silicates containing antibiotics. Available in form of micro-pellets suitable for the most common bioprinters, or as 1,75 mm calibrated filament for FFF printers.

Antistatic-dissipative elastomeric compound based on TPE-S or TPU containing biobased carbonaceous filler (Biochar).

Felxible sensor

Flexible elastomeric compound with conductive and piezoelectric properties, suitable for responsive application as industrial sensor and in the manufacturing of wearable devices.
Available in 10m length lots of 0.8 mm diameter.

Biobased products
Thermoplastic compounds produced from biomass suitably formulated to facilitate their use in replacement of traditional polymers from fossil sources.


Products on stock


Filament for 3D printers specifically intended for biodegradable scaffold fabrication based on polylactic acid (PLA) and bioactive hydroxyapatite (HA).

50 g spool

199 € (ex VAT) 


Filament for 3D printers specifically intended for biodegradable scaffold fabrication based on polycaprolactone (PCL) and bioactive tricalcium phosphate (TCP).

50 g spool

199 € (ex VAT) 


Filament for 3D printers specifically intended for biodegradable scaffold fabrication based on polycaprolactone (PCL) and bioactive hydroxyapatite (HA).

50 g spool

199 € (ex VAT) 

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